At Nite, ice cream is not just a frozen dessert; it’s the canvas on which we paint.
The Founding Flavors were meticulously curated with detailed attention to taste,
texture, and presentation designed to give you a one of a kind experience.
Nitro-Crafted to perfection.

Roast Malone

chocolate, graham crumbs, toasted marshmallow

Milk & Gold

waffle infused ice cream, caramel swirl

P.B. Nutella

nutella ice cream, peanut butter drizzle

The Flintstones

fruity pebbles ice cream

Salted Caramel Crumb

salted sweet cream, pretzel crumbs, caramel

Central Coast Crunch

sweet cream ice cream, almonds, brownies

All Niter

coffee oreo ice cream

Strawberry Cream

natural strawberry ice cream

Dolce & Banana

banana caramel ice cream, whipped cream

Thicc Mint

fresh mint crumb ice cream

Pineapple Picante

pineapple sorbet, chamoy, chili lime powder

Saturday Cereal

cap'n crunch ice cream, frosted flakes

Fudged Up

chocolate, fudge brownie bits, whipped cream