Just a Dream

In a humble garage nestled along
California’s scenic Central Coast,
the story of Nite Creamery began with
Nino and Cher, two dreamers with a
shared passion for ice cream.


Their journey began with a simple
dream: to create an ice cream so
exceptional that it would captivate
anyone who tasted it.
It had to be undeniable.

A Rocky Road

After months of trial and error and
eating way too much ice cream, they
finally created a product that they
were not just proud of, but completely
obsessed with. Excited to share their
creation with the world, they faced an
uphill battle, struggling to secure a
space along the coast that would
welcome and approve their concept.
Rejection after rejection followed.

Meant to Be

For a time,
Nino and Cher stepped back,
halting their passion project
to focus on their full time
jobs. However, fate had other plans.

It was during this hiatus that
Cher stumbled upon an open
space that just felt right.

They met with the
owner and showed him their plans.
For the first time, someone
else believed in their concept!

It's Official

Signing the lease, they stood in
the empty space, envisioning
what Nite Creamery could be.

With no prior experience
in setting up a business,
only armed with their passion
and a vision to create
something their city needed,
they embarked on the
daunting task of building their
dream from the ground up.

Brick by Brick

Learning as they went, they
navigated a minefield of mistakes, each
one teaching them valuable lessons that
shaped the future of Nite Creamery.

As the grand opening approached, both
Nino and Cher were uncertain of success.
Funds were running out due to delays
and construction mishaps so they planned
to maintain their full-time jobs in hopes
to open and continue operating.

A Sweet Start

After months of delay, Grand Opening
finally came and the community showed
up in an unprecedented way, their
support overwhelming and heartfelt.

Grand opening was a huge success and
Nino & Cher never went back to their full
time jobs and committed their future to
Nite Creamery. A second location was
opened 5 months later!

Everything was worth it, and their journey
was just beginning.

Nite to the World

Since its inception in 2017,
Nite Creamery has provided
happiness to the masses on
California’s central coast; it has been
a rewarding journey of growth and
adventure for our founders.

It stands as a beacon of the
American dream, which gives them
the opportunity to dream big, a
testament to the idea that with
passion, perseverance, and a
touch of serendipity, dreams can indeed
become reality.

Nite Creamery isn’t just an ice cream
shop; it’s a hub of happiness that
they plan to bring to the world.