Our team is passionate
about empowering our franchisees
with a winning concept to achieve
their financial goals.
Our streamlined systems and
proven business model
gives you the FREEDOM
to focus on what matters.

We’ve created a product and experience
that anyone could take pride in
and a brand that is ready for take off.
This is home to THE CREAMIEST.
This is the FUTURE of ICE CREAM.


OUR PURPOSE: We’re passionate about the freedom that a winning business brings.
We’re incentivized to give our franchisees that same freedom. Your success is our success.

OUR VISION: To transcend the ordinary ice cream parlor experience.
We’re here to disrupt the status quo and elevate the ice cream industry.

OUR BRAND: Our brand is the result of thoughtful design
executed to deliver an inspirational and immersive experience.
Ice cream is forever and NITE aims to be timeless.


FOREVER FRESH: Freshness is non-negotiable.
We are devoted to delivering ice cream at its peak of freshness, nitro-crafted,
made-to-order everytime, guaranteeing unmatched quality and taste.

UNIVERSAL BRAND: Nite Creamery boasts a sleek and unique aesthetic that captivates a diverse
audience, offering vast potential for growth in new markets. Our brand is universally appealing,
welcoming all to indulge in the NITE experience.

LIMITLESS INOVATION: Our unique concept empowers us with limitless creativity in flavor development.
We have the capability to craft any flavor imaginable, at any time, using the freshest ingredients.

FLEXIBLE STREAMLINED SYSTEMS: Our systems of operation is designed for flexibility for our franchisees.
This adaptability allows our franchisees to operate in a way that best suits their lifestyle and business goals.

SIMPLIFIED OPERATIONS: We stick to ice cream and waffles.
We’ve hyper focused on what we specialize in, making our operations streamlined for ease of mastery.
With our comprehensive training, franchisees can quickly become experts in our system.

Nite Creamery

In 7 simple steps
Step 1: Apply

Thoroughly fill out the application and let us know why you’d be a great fit for Nite Creamery.
We will reach out within 48 hours if your application for ownership is approved and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Introduction Interview

This step is a collaborative opportunity to ensure mutual compatibility, aligned values,
and ownership fit. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Nite Creamery franchise opportunity,
including what to expect, available locations, investment details, and
receiving the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Step 3: Location Proposal

Submit proof of funds and your chosen location within the selected territory for our approval,
marking a significant step in bringing your Nite Creamery to life.

Step 4: Franchise Agreement and Payment

Once your location is greenlit, the next step involves formalizing the partnership.
Sign the Franchise Agreement, complete the payment of the franchise fee,
and any other initial costs to solidify your commitment.

Step 5: Building Your Future

Oversee the planning, permitting, and construction of your Nite Creamery Store.

Step 6: Onboarding and Training

Embark on a comprehensive training and orientation journey to ensure you
are thoroughly prepared to embody the Nite Creamery brand and ethos.
This phase includes all the support and guidance you’ll need for a smooth operation.

Step 7: Grand Opening Celebration

The moment you’ve been working towards: the Grand Opening!
Launch your Nite Creamery store and bring happiness to all your customers.